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and songwriter named rodriguez. he had a career resurgence years later when in south africa. thanks to the new film the music of rodriguez is being enjoyed by a new generation with the movie's soundtrack lending number one on the billboard charts. and we are glad you joined us for a conversation a "searching for sugar man." king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: malik bendielloul, a documentary filmmaker behind one of the most talked-about documentaries, "searching for sugar man." it tells the remarkable story about rodriguez's remarkable comeback in south africa. the film is of for an oscar this year. here are some scenes. >> if ever there is an air of mystery around a pop artist, it is around the artist known as rodriguez. >> he was a wandering spirit aroun
have of oscar after his arrest. we will go live in a moment to south africa. >> the police said they were called to this day to a town house complex in the early hours of the morning. when they arrived, they found paramedics trying to revive a woman who had been shot an unspecified number of times and sustained wounds to her head and upper body. she died at the scene and a 9 millimeter pistol was recovered. the 36-year-old bladrunner taken into custody. the dead woman was a model and the athletes girlfriend. initially, there was speculation he may have mistaken her for a burglar. the police spoke of previous incidents that the house. >> i will not elaborate. of allegations of domestic violence. >> oscar pretorius made mr. lester when he became the first double amputee track athlete to compete in the olympics. >> the south african sporting context "he is someone who has overcome great difficulty in his own personal life. he was able to run in the olympics not just in the para- olympics and is in sporting royalty in south africa. >> africa has some of the highest rates for violent
in south africa. what are the emotional family and community ties to the place which he's to be tried. he's a south african citizen. is he a professional athletic, athlete and resides at 286 silver wood estate. he resided in the republic of south africa all his life and he frequently travels abroad to participate in international sporting events. he regards south africa as his permanent place of abode, he has no intention to relocate to any other country. he admitted he has friends and family in south africa although he has friends abroad. he owns immovable property in south africa, the immovable property where he currently resides at silver wood estates, this property is valued approximately $5 million and encumbered by a mortgage bond in the amount of $2 million. there are two further immovable properties within weeping willow estates which properties have a combined value of approximately $1.6 million, bonded to the value of one. he has an estate in cape which is $1.7 million not bonded, he owns movable assets, household furniture and effects, motor vehicles and jewelry valued in exces
england. >>> all right on to south africa now. the older brother of oscar pistorius has also been charged in a woman's death. carl pistorius is charged with culpable homicide after an accident involving a motorcycle in 2010. the charges were initially dropped, but he is now facing a trial at the end of march. prosecutors say carl pistorius had been driving recklessly at the time of the accident. coming up, we'll talk about how this could impact oscar pistorius's murder case. >>> a suspect has been identified in the fatal shooting on the las vegas strip that left three dead. police are now looking for 26-year-old ammar harris. they believe he opened fire from a range rover thursday morning. killing rapper kenneth cherry, who was driving a maserati. cherry's maserati caught fire after colliding with a taxi. the taxi driver and a passenger died from the impact, cherry's father tells our affiliate, kvvu, his son was a good guy. >> there was no guns in my son's car. he was a victim just like any other victim, just being attempted to be carjacked or did something wrong. driving a car and a pers
worried for their safety. >> they can do it to anyone of us. we need to be respected. >> south africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence in the world. >> are we an angry nation? is it the societal issues or the upbringing? when you look at, you find that the upbringing of a boy child and girl child is different. we need to infuse at a young age that ways need turn -- boys need to respect girls. >> this is where security guards found her, in like in india, where there is a huge public outcry. sexual offenses in south africa often go unnoticed. but her rape and murder has people talking, saying that this sort of thing has to stop. al jazeera, south africa. >> the case has sparked outrage across south africa. the sheer number of cases means that many rapes often go unreported. one in four south african women or girls is raped, with an attack taking place every four minutes. there are more than 60,000 rapes reported every year in a country of 50 million people. the real figure is much higher. joining me now vast get from johannesburg, the chief executive of the antirape group. wh
laps to go. >>> all right, in south africa, the older brother of oscar pistorius is also charged in a woman's death. carl pistorius is charged with culpable homicide after an accident involving a motorcycle in 2010. the charges were initially dropped but he now faces a trial at the end of march. prosecutors say carl pistorius had been driving recklessly at the time of the accident. coming up in a few minutes, we will talk about how this could impact oscar pistorius's murder case. >>> and today was pope benedict xvis a -- last public prayer before he retires. the vatican is strongly denouncing italian media reports that gay priests at the vatican were being blackmailed by male prostitutes. i will speak to a journalist who covers the vatican later on this hour. >>> back in this country, a winter storm is slamming colorado right now. forecasters say denver could get up to ten inches of snow. the storm moves on to the plain states tomorrow and in the northeast, it's a pretty messy weekend there as well. this is what manchester, new hampshire, looks like. lots of wet, heavy snow. abou
. >>> in south africa, we're less than a half an hour away of knowing whether accused murderer oscar pistorius will walk out of court on bail. a judge is expected to make a ruling. he is accused of premeditated murder of his model girlfriend. and this is the fourth day of pistorius' bail hearing. we are awaiting the judge's decision. 29 minutes away. robyn curnow joins us live now from pretoria. >> half an hour to go until we hear that judgment from the magistrate on whether or not oscar pistorius spends tonight and the next few months perhaps the rest of this year behind bars or whether he walks free for now and goes home. and, of course, the journalists standing outside here, the pretoria magistrate's court, all waiting anxiously. also we know inside that court, his family, he has a large family, they have been incredibly supportive. literally standing behind him, sitting behind him, often putting their hand on his shoulder and they are all pretty anxious. we can see also oscar pistorius' demeanor, is he drawn, he hasn't slept well. he is slowly coming to terms with the realization he's faci
mans. in south africa it's true there are lesser penalties if it is not premeditated murder. so the -- this is an intent case. i think the facts -- the important fact we know is that pistorius killed reeva. not disputed. he's admitted it. >> not who did he think she was? >> exactly. that's what the whole trial will be fought over. >> is the charge as the defense contends whether or not he intended to kill reeva, right? the back and forth they are having, there was an intent to kill a person in the bathroom. was it an accidental intent in terms of he didn't know it was reeva, or was it still intent. >> well, the -- the difference is whether you intended -- if he intended to kill reeva, it's a very different crime than if he intended to kill a burglar. that is what this trial will be fought about. he is very likely to have some criminal culpability even if he wins that argument. >> meaning what? he could face jail time? >> absolutely. the prosecutor has made that point several times, is he looking at prison time under all scenarios here, even in south africa where crime is -- is s
-- the blade runner leaves the court room free on bail. we go live to south africa for more. >> restoring faith in europe. the german president sets out his future for the vision of the european union. >> and the final day of campaigning in italy -- why sunday's national election has the world nervously watching. well, his decision kept all of south africa and much of the world in suspense today. a south african judge said yes to bail for oscar pistorius, the paralympic star accused of murdering his girlfriend. >> the man known as the blade runner was forced to post $113,000, and over his passport, and turn over his gun collection to police. >> pistorius and his attorneys have three months to put together a defense. >> oscar pistorius was braced for the worst as he entered court, but his defense did a good job after he revealed mistakes in the prosecution case, the judge ruled that pistorius could go free on bail. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom while the decision was read. the olympics are stood in silence as the announcement was made -- the olympic star. supporters applauded the ruli
on wikipedia. really? >> i'm so sorry, we're not all like that. >> welcome back to "tmz" south africa for your latest updates on safaris, surfs and accused murderers with no legs. >> oscar pistorius was just granted bail in south africa. >> oscar pistorius, double amputee olympic runner was arrested for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in -- in when she was in the bathroom of hilts south african home and he claims he thought she was an intruder. >> would it be fair to say he doesn't have a leg to stand on? >> that's terrible. because a million people have said it. >> this morning he scored a victory in the case as she was granted bail for $112,000. >> killing is like bargain prices in south africa. i don't know if you have to put up 10%, but that's less than a kia for killing somebody. >> by the way, south africa is a beautiful place. >> come for the scenery, stay because it's cheap to kill somebody. >> is there a small part of you that have believes him? >> not even a small part. >> his story makes sense. why didn't he stage it? >> do you think the first shot she made a sound? >> yes. >
, she loved everybody. >> in south africa it is going to damage his image because he is so famous. it definitely will affect him. >> i think his opinion will come out very soon and we will hear the whole story because now the facts are dodgy so we do not know everything. i hope when everything has come out it will be great. >> pistorius is the golden boy of sports because of his -- he is known as the blade runner because of his armored fiber that his carbon fiber running blades. this brought up the issue of gun ownership in south africa. south africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. any people feel safer owning firearms. as the investigation continues, it could be a while before we know the details of what happened. >> live now outside the courtroom. something quite dramatic inside the courtroom. tell us about the events that took place. >> people are waiting for oscar pistorius to leave the actual court. the charge of premeditated murder. it could mean they feel they have strong enough evidence against the story us -- against pistorius. they say they need time to
-- >> reporter: before the tragedy, oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp were south africa's hottest new couple. her modeling career was just taking off and oscar was a national hero. the first double amputee to run in the olympics. >> i perceive myself not being able to grow up to do any things other people can do. >> reporter: the world saw him as a charming and soft hearted fighter. but some who knew him say he had a short temper and was often paranoid about his safety. south africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. espn reporter jeremy spent time with him. >> oscar pistorius was like many who live in south africa who live in some degree of fear of being a vmi of violence. >> reporter: a few months ago, he tweeted about possible break-ins and how he would react. nothing like getting home to hear the washing machine on and thinking it's an intruder to go into full combat recon mode into the pantry. over the last few days, corporate sponsors have distanced themselves from pistorius suspending the ads. and as a shocked nation comes to terms with this brutal tragedy, perhaps steen
south africa once it's announced. >> meantime, an oakland family is in mourning after their loved one was targeted on the strip. no arrests have been made. he was shot while driving his car yesterday morning. he then sped away in a black range rover. the confrontation began with an argument in the valley area of the hotel. it then continued on to las vegas boulevard. yesterday we talked with his father who said his son was an aspiring rapper with no criminal record. >> i have to go deal with it. i have to mourn my son's death. >> it smashed into a taxi which burst into flames killing two people inside. cherry leaves behind a son and two daughters. >> this morning we're learning a police hunch lead to the manhunt for christopher dorner. he was fired in 2009 for making false statements against his training officer. she had a feeling he killed a couple earlier this month for revenge against the woman's father. a former police captain and one of the people blamed for his dismissal. they soon found something he posted online. the training officer says she still fears for her life and has n
.m. in pretoria, south africa. olympic and paralympic at least oscar pistorius, the double amputee, has appeared in court and been charged with murder. he broke down in tears as prosecutors announced they would pursue a charge of premeditated murder. his lawyers described him as being in an extremely traumatized state of mind. we have this report from our correspondent richard galpin. >> hiding his face from the cameras, oscar pistorius day is to be a police van taken to court. the global sporting legend facing a day of reckoning after his girlfriend or shot dead. inside, the courtroom was packed with people waiting to see what would happen when he appeared before a magistrate. it was a dramatic moment. he looked extremely tense. he was formally charged with murder and broke down in tears. he said nothing. the shooting took place at his home in this closely guarded housing estate in the early hours of thursday want, valentine's day. the woman he is accused of murdering was his girlfriend, a model of reeva steenkamp. they had been together since last november. they were the ultimate celebrity cou
is currently losing the battle for public opinion in south africa where incriminating claims are swirling in local media. new reports quoting police sources say that steroids were found in his house and investigators are testing his blood for the drug that can cause roid rage. aggressive outbursts. >> if convicted of premeditated murder, he is facing a sentence of life in prison. >> reporter: as he pled his case in court this morning, reeva steenkamp's res mains were taken to a church in her home town where family and friends gathered for a memorial service. >> there is a space missing inside all the people that she knew. it can't be filled again. we're going to keep all the positive things that we remember and know about my sister and we will try to continue with the things that she tried to make better. we'll miss her. >> it is only one thing missing, reeva. we've got to get -- >> reporter: before the tragedy, oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp were south africa's hottest new couple. her modeling career was just taking off and oscar was a national hero. the first double amputee to run
this man, but for south africa, rodriguez was their answer to bob dylan. the only problem, they knew absolutely nothing about him. now, the world is taking notice and so has the academy awards. stick around for that, we'll explain. >>> remember that? that is a memorable oscar moment. ben affleck and matt damon's first win for "good will hunting." why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai. i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test
through the evidence and make their charges. >>> he was a hero in south africa, the blade runner, now accused of murder and may never race again. a south african tv channel is defending its decision to air a reality show featurering his now dead girlfriend. live from south africa with the details. expwhrnd stunned south africans watched reeva come back to life saturday. appearing here in the first episode of "tropic island treasure." she was killed valentine's day, her boyfriend, oscar pistorius is charged with her murder. he remains inside a south africa prison tonight. >> as you can imagine, he's numb with shock and grief. and total pain. >> reporter: steenkamp was discovered in a pool of blood in his home. police say she was shot four times with a pistol they recovered from inside the house. the south african newspaper reports the first neighbor on the scene after the shooting found pistorius performing cpr on her. prosecutors dismiss the theory that he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder and have charged him with pre-med tornado murder -- premeditated murder punishable by lif
>> oscar pistorius of south africa known as the blade runner arrested after his girlfriend in a shot and killed and his home in pretoria. these are live pictures of the gated community where he lives. more on that in a few moments. this is al jazeera, live from doha. so in the news, the deal of the century. talks on a $12 billion sale of fighter jets. revealing a prisoner x. an israeli-australian man jailed under a false identity died in israeli custody. try to restore consumer confidence following a scandal. dna testing is ordered on food products right across europe. the south african olympic athlete oscar pistorius has been arrested after his girlfriend was found shot dead and his home. it's been reported by south african media, but police would only say they have arrested a 26-year-old man. a policewoman said that he and his 30-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp or in the house and there had been previous incident at the house. she was shot several times and confirmed dead at the scene. the suspect is expected to appear in court in the coming hours and is being charged
on thursday. >>> now to south africa and another unfolding story. olympic runner oscar pistorius out of jail and the family of the woman he's accused of murdering, speaking out about their heartbreak. abc's bazi kanani in pretoria once again. >> reporter: oscar pistorius spent his first day out of jail at his uncle's three-storied home in a quiet well-to-do suburb with strict bail conditions. no guns, no alcohol. no passports to leave the country. no returning to his home which is now a crime scene and twice a week appointments at a police station. fans cheered outside a courtroom friday. when south africa's most famous athlete was released on bail. after the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. as he stays inside his uncle's home the victim's family is beginning to share more of their feelings. steenkamp's uncle expressed frustration with the celebration after oscar pistorius' release. just today before south africa aired its first interview with steenkamp's parents a glimpse of the family's anguish. reeva's mother june revealing with a local newspaper that the pistorius family
murderer oscar pistorius gets a break today in south africa. geraldo has the latest on this very troubling story. >> thank you for everything you've done and for helping my career. >> and that alabama woman the center of a controversy over her looks. >> what a beautiful woman, wow. >> thanks to sportscaster, who was criticized for praising her. gutfeld and mcquirk will way in. >> caution, you are about enter the no spin zone from phoenix. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from phoenix, arizona. thanks for watching us. is the usa really becoming a nation that embraces barbarism? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported earlier this week, a number of judges and politicians are doing things that harm defenseless children and babies in the womb. to me as an american that, is unacceptable. if you're going to hurt children, i am going to come after you. as you may know, the factor has long advocated for jessica's law. back in 2005, nine-year-old jessica lunsford brutally raped and murdered in florida by a convicted sex offe
oscar making his first court appearance in south africa. he's accused of shooting his girlfriend to work. adam wakefield was in the courtroom today. he joins us from johannesburg. tell me, adam, how far away were you from him in court? what did you see? >> i was approximately about five, ten meters. what i could see was a very somber and upset human being, perhaps realizing the real gravity of the situation before him. >> about how long was the court proceeding? what did it cover? >> the court proceeding was approximately 45 minutes. it covered two aspects. the first was the media application for the trial and the legal proceedings to be broadcast. and then the second aspect was the defense team asking for a postponement to tuesday so we could consult with their client. he hasn't technically been charged as of yet. in africa you need a plea to be charged and he has not been charged yet. >> adam, reports said he got very emotional the some point. was that just during one point of the 45 minute proceeding or was it throughout the 45 minutes? >> a couple of points where emotions seemed to o
south africa, mary carrillo gives us an unprecedented look at reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend, from the people who knew her best. >> she would never come to you with a problem. it was always you to her with the problem. >> was there anyone in your family that oscar meant to do this to reeva? >> also tonight, the chinese computer hackers reaching into american computers and it's feared american society. tonight for the first time one insider relives the attack that hit his company. >> do you remember your reaction? >> my eyes bulged. yeah. this is really bad. >>> also tonight, did the u.s. marine corps abandon a group of marines and military family members after they developed a rare and surprising disease? dr. nancy snyderman investigates a controversy. >> when is the leadership of the marine corps going to stand up and say we made a mistake? >>> also tonight, kate snow goes inside the fight to save the pandas including some of the very youngest. >> you are too cute. look at you. >> their ircystability is beyond dispute, so what is it about the effort to protect them that makes this
will have a live report from south africa in just a few minutes. in the meantime, the big new question out of washington is about the federal workers and the government agencies. they're on edge, bracing for furloughs or layoffs because they just don't know if the sequester is coming. there is just a week left to get a deal and the only progress to report, a phone call. the president reached out to speaker john boehner and to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and he talked about the gop sequester strategy with the reverend al sharpton. >> my sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals or corporations, and they would prefer to see these kinds of cuts that could slow down our recovery over closing tax loopholes and that's the thing that binds their party together at this point. >> with no deal and bleak prospects the government is scrambling to look for places to cut $85 billion. now, we do know $46 billion comes from the pentagon. "the baltimore sun" headlines read big pay cut contemplated for civilian defense workers. "the w
lays her to rest. live team coverage from south africa. a developing story we're following as well. shocking new report that links a chinese military to multiple u.s. computer hacks. >> and more breaking news. cnn learning eight masked thieves have made off with 50 million from brussels airport. plus, a 1-70 million chance. not only that a texas woman give birth to quadruplets. but two sets of identical twins. coming up, meet manuel and tessa montalvo and the kids, live. >>> new trouble discovered with the dreamliner's batteries. that and more in my business report. >>> tuesday, february 19th. "starting point" begins now. >>> all right. welcome, everybody. breaking news this morning in the oscar pistorius murder case. pistorius releasing a statement about premeditated murder charges against him saying this. i fail to understand how i could be charged with murder as i had no intention to kill my girlfriend. at his bail hearing, still going on as we speak, the judge ruling that premeditated murder charge, the severest charge in south african law, will stand and that makes it highly u
of the strength of the state case but because he's not tied in south africa. what are the emotional family community and ox pagesal ties of the -- occupational of the accused to the place he is tied. mr. pistorius is south african citizen. id. a professional athletic. resides at 6286 silver wood estates. he resided in the republic of south africa all his life and he frequently travels abroad to participate in international sporting events. he regards south africa as his permanent place of abode. he has not plans to relocate to anybody. he admits he has friends and family in south africa although he has friends abroad. heens immoveable property in south africa. what are the assets he has. heens i am moveable property which consists of property. immoveable property he currently resides at silver wood estates. this property is valued at approximately five million encumbered by mortgage bond in the amount of 2 million. there are two further immoveable properties with weeping willow estates, pretoria east, which properties have a combined value of approximately 1.6 million. they are bonded to t
of the world on the courtroom in south africa. we're waiting for the big announcement involving the olympic track star charged with murder. >> there is a way area connection to a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. we'll hear from the victim's family. >> dozens of students are camped out. why they're angry with the chancellor. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. >> let's check weather and traffic. steve is here. it's a little too quite in the weather for you, isn't it. >> here, locally, yes. >> we could sure use rain. a little on tuesday but doesn't look like there's anything coming across the highway next to us. highs 50s, low to mid 60. >> there's a bus accident from man jose. it happened less than an hour ago where a car ran a red light at the corner of east capital expressway. a big intersection in san jose. very close to the airport. the traffic is going to be affected. matt keller is on the way. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up soon. this say look at northbound 1 o'brien 1 approaching the 80s. that traffic is off to a good start. >> a
pistorius a flight risk? this is the scene outside the courthouse in south africa where a judge is deciding whether he can leave jail while facing murder. >> flames erupt on las vegas strip and a bay area man is killed. we will talk to the family about the violence and police reveal a possible motive. >> but, first, remember this woman? almost eight years after making up a story about finding a finger in her chili, a south bay woman is in trouble with the >> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> breaking news is from south africa where a judge is close to deciding on whether olympic star oscar pistorius is freed on bail in the murder case. casey katie is following things live in our newsroom. katie? >> this is just fascinating. i have listened to the judge talk for an hour, a full hour, starting at 4:30 and he is just now narrowing in on whether or not he will give bail. so bear with me, i have been listening here in the newsroom, and you may have to come slip me with. ♪ if the decision comes down what has been going on is the judge has been talking about the case and he
are schooled to deal with cases without the aid of a jury. >> in south africa, we believe that judges spend their entire working lives being immersed in the law and trained in the law and schooled towards being objective in applying their minds to the law in a neutral way. and that is the safeguard for justice. we also every aspect of our legal system is enviewed with our constitution and our constitutional law. and the constitution itself really was a very collaborative process that is an expression of the people of south africa. in that prospect, the lay people have a voice in the law and an influence in the law, but not in terms of deciding individual cases. >> mark, as you and i talked about, the magistrate commended pistorius for offering this it very, very complete and thorough affidavit. his version of the events for the record. he even said it helped him in making his decision to grant him bail. couldn't that come back to haunt him? >> absolutely. they made the calculated decision. they said this case is infinitely better if he's out and not in for a multitude of reasons. for the la
collaborative process that is an expression of the people of south africa. in that prospect, they have a voice in the law and an influence in the law, but not in terms of deciding individual cases. >> mark, as you and i talked about, the magistrate commended pistorius for offering this very, very complete and thorough affidavit. his version of the events for the record. he even said it helped him in making his decision to grant him bail. couldn't that come back to haunt him? >> absolutely. they made the calculated decision. they said this case is infinitely better if he's out and not in for a multitude of reasons. for the lawyer's standpoint, i can't tell you how important it is to have the client out in terms of preparing for a case like this, one of the supersized cases. number one. and number two, i think they felt strongly that they had been out to that scene, even though they haven't, i assume, gone through all of the expert forensic forensic analysis they are going to do, they took a look at the door and have an idea what the ballistics are going to come back to. i think they understand
potentially impact patents across multiple industries. funeral services were held in south africa today for reeva steenkamp, the 29-year-old model allegedly shot dead by her boyfriend, paralympic champion oscar pistorius. earlier in court, prosecutors accused pistorius of premeditated murder, saying he fired at steenkamp four times through a door after she locked herself in the bathroom. pistorius, known as the blade runner because of the shape of his prosthetics, became a global icon as the first paralympic sprinter to run in the olympics. outside the court, protesters with the women's league of country's ruling african national congress called for him to be held without bail. >> please, when someone has been charged with such a serious case, that person should remain in custody until proven innocent. i am not saying he is guilty, we are just saying there is nobody to stand here and tell reeva's story. >> and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with aaron matÉ. >> welcome to all our listeners and viewer
it is -- what, 2:00 in the afternoon now in south africa. they have taken a break in the bail hearing. the first part of the bail hearing coincided with the burial of reeva steenkamp, of course, and they did not send a representative to the pistorius family to the burial of steenkamp, thinking it was inappropriate. >> it has been a day so far of major legal setbacks for pistorius. the judge determining he will be charged with premeditated murder. very unlikely that he will be el swribl for ba jibl for bail. he conditionannot rule out the possibility of planning and premeditati premeditation. that statement for pistorius, he is too upset to make a statement himself. no intention to kill his girlfriend. very interesting language there. >> prosecutors say he got up, put on his prosthetic legs, took his gun, and he fired into the room where he was locked behind the door. that is what the state is saying. how much time he thought about it or planned about it, that is planning in their view. >> the state did convince the judge. no juries in south africa. >> the two sides gave very different accounts o
. >> brown: next, to a story that shocked many in south africa and around the world: the first-ever double amputee athlete to compete in the olympic games is in police custody tonight. we begin with a report from rohit kachroo of "independent television news" in pretoria. >> the home of oscar pistorius, where he's accused of murdering his girlfriend this morning. high walls, electric fences and police cars. his luxury villa now a murder scene. in a country with countless national icons,s bytorus earned a place amongst them and with his new girlfriend, a model and law graduate, his image became even more mrketable. their relationship captured by glossy magazines. but at sunrise today he was pictured once again, this time wearing a hoodie as he was led from his home under arrest. then glimpsed again briefly as he was taken to a police station to spend the night inside a cell a man who spent months promoting his image was concealing it tonight. police were not obliged to reveal any details but chose to reveal past allegations of domestic violence. >> i can confirm there have previously been p
their heroes. >> suarez: i'm joined by mark sokolove-- a writer who spent time with the runner in south africa for a 2012 feature for the "new york times" magazine. michael, unlike most people on the planet, you've actually spent a lot of time with oscar pistorius. when you got the news this morning what did you think? >> well, first of all i was shocked and i was sad because like most people who have run across oscar, who have met oscar i like oscar very much. like millions of people, i admire oscar for what he's done so this is foremost a terrible tragedy for the young woman who has died. it's a tragedy for oscar and it's a tragedy for millions of people who look up to him. >> suarez: in your story you call him blessed with an uncommon temperament and elsewhere called him "hell-bent." what what who what's he like? >> he is an adrenaline junkie. he's a guy who drives his cars at 150 miles per hour. and these are not normal cars you can buy in a dealership. these are really race cars. he drives a speedboat. he injured himself on a speedboat. he keeps exotic pets that most people would find dan
for a bail hearing in south africa? >> you know, this whole bail hearing has taken on the facade of the trial within the trial. we have been gripped by all the forensic details and also by the theater of it. and i tweeted today is this bitter or is it thorough? one expert said this is a fair judgment. he had to balance everything, every minute detail of the bail hearing. i think it's a bit of both. i think the judge knew he had literally the world sort of waiting for his every word. we were all gripped. it was very dramatic. >> diane, over the last few days in court, people watched oscar to go from distraught to stoic and withdrawn. what was he like today? >> he was withdrawn. if health like he had aged years since we first saw him on friday last week. he got quiet and quieter, head down, eyes down, and really there was very little emotion coming out of him. the only time he really showed a glimmer of anything was when the magistrate spoke about reeva. he fell apart every time he heard her name. when bail was granted, he cried and i think it was just a release of tension. >> of course. thank
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